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    Anamorphosis, is a distorted drawing,photo or projection that appears normal when viewed from a particular point or with a suitable mirror or lens or photo shoot.

3d anamorphic drawing is a distorted perspective which gives  viewer sense of 3d on a 2d paper or street drawing
    Leonardo da Vinci's painting "Leonardo's Eye" (painted year 1485) is the earliest known  example of perspective anamorphosis. Leonardo noted “And if you were to paint this on a wall in front of which you can move freely, the effect would appear out of proportion to you because of the great difference OR and RQ [the intervals]."
CoolHans Holbein's "The Ambassadors " is one of the famous with the anamorphic skull. 
 (the distorted skull)

Istvan Orosz also used cylindirical mirror as "mirror anamorphosis".
3d Street paintings are used with chalk art as you may all see the photos of it but when you are at the street drawing site ,you will realize that the drawing is anamorphic but gives you the sense when you took the photo from a specific angle and location.

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 SmileI started drawing anamorphic drawing on notebook. I will try to share how anamorphosis works, how you can draw anamorphic images on paper or your sketch book.